Friday, January 27, 2006

A flour project - flower basket

I do many things by hand, e.g. kneading bread dough or beating meringue. But if you want your home-made pasta looking beautiful, you can't do it without a pasta machine. This time I used my machine to make chinese noodles.The ingredient for noodles is basically just flour; a good flour is the key of making good noodles. Don't be surprised some brands of flour have a better flavor than others. I like King Arthur as it gives a mild sweetness to my noodles. I also put an egg yoke in the dough, to enhance the flavor and color a little bit. I shaped the noodles as a basket in a mini tart shell before deep-frying. Put any filling you like in these flower baskets and served as a starter. This time I filled the baskets with shrimp mousse. Given it a taste of Orient, I added silken tofu (beancurds) and sesame oil. basic noodle's recipe courtesy sinner from Tagged with: +

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful presentation, Gattina!