Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy 2012



I never forget my blog, and every of you! I did involve a couple of projects but that couldn't stop me... until the examination (of my language school) came. I have been in Spain long enough but I didn't put any effort to learn the language. I am really feeling ashamed. So unwillingly, I had to leave my blog for a while in order to focus my studies.

Long before the exam, once I worked as a food stylist to a photo-shooting. The work was intense, but it wasn't the hardest part. How to be a good team player is a challenging though, especially something about art... the people are usually very subjective; plus, 'idea' this thing is completely abstract, finding words to discuss it is painful. So after many moments of mind-bleeding, lip numbing and spirit-murdering, I tried to set out something, and finally heard the photographer said, 'Ahh! THAT's what I want!!!' ***Firework***

These two photos are the reject, but I really love them. Hope you enjoy these little pieces of 'me' here.

Happy 2012! And to all Chinese fellows, Happy Lunar New Year!


lena said...

i always think you have excellent photography skills. All the best in your studies, hope to catch up with you here when you're back. Happy dragon year to you !!

indosungod said...

Happy New Year to you and Good Luck on your exams.

Edith said...

新年快乐. Good luck on your exam.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2012! Happy Year of the dragon! I love your photos. Best wishes to you!

AikoVenus said...

Happy New Year! And former food stylist or not - your pictures are absolutely amazing! ^^

Anh said...

Happy New year dear Gattina! You know I always love your work :>