Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mango Pudding Tart


During my trip to Hongkong last summer, I was totally amased by how the bakers used mango (sliced) in cake deco - wrapping the whole cake, arranging the slices to form the most intriguing patterns, rolling up to creat the most stunning flowers! Seems that they've forgot what they're using supposed to be fragile and delicate...

As now many more different types of mangoes imported to the city, it's not difficult to get the right ones (e.g. firmer) to make the deco job right.

(a side note... their tastes are various, from as light as melon to as sweet as caramel, so there's no excuse for you not trying yet :) :)

You could understand why I felt my tart so, so childish once I thought about those cakes in Hk...

But I am still in love of my tart as it filled with baked mango pudding! In HK the pudding is baked in an individual serving bowl... now I give them a crust and so enlarge the portion. Good food is meant to share.

(recipe to be continued later)



J said...

just ate mango pudding few days ago at a yumcha and now i'm drooling over yours! sadly we can only find excellent mangoes (with good price) at tropical countries.. ah, now i'm missing home :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A wonderful tart! Really mouthwatering!



MaryMoh said...

I have not eaten mango tart...only mango pudding. This looks beautiful and delicious. Would love to try.

Parita said...

I too have seen mango slices used to decorate an entire cake and i was surprised by their perfection!
Tart sounds delicious!

Sophie Sportende Foodie said...

I so love mangoes in tartlets & in tarts!!

I can't wait for the delicious recipe, Gattina!

Me encanta mucho!

Homemade Heaven said...

Mangos are in full season now, this is a must try before they become too expensive again.

Edith said...

G, you are tempting me with this tart. BTW, my crystal bun is a far cry from the Tiong bahru stall. If you have a good one, can share with me pls.

Nice to hear from you. Take care.

Anonymous said...

You know I LOVE mangoes! ;-)