Thursday, August 28, 2008

Plum Soup

Prunes vermelles is red plums in Catalan, the dialect in Barcelona

For those who are living in foreign land, do you miss your home even more after coming back from home?

I have been back to Barcelona for a week. Feeling odd. The same old things, same old places, same old routine, they all suddenly look strange to me. My mind always thinks about Hong Kong.

Fortunately eating in local places can help me getting out of this disorientation. I just went to my favorite restaurant, enveloped with the comfort of its friendly surrounding, great wine and tortilla de la casa (similar to potato omelette). And yestersday in a bar I devoured some gorgoeus salchicha (flavorful sauage). All my cloth and hair are still heavily scented with Malboro, not by me, los chicos en Barcelona fuman mucho!

So glad that my palate doesn't linger the residual flavor of Hong Kong, otherwise I would have missed the opporturnity to try out this plum soup. Fruit as the main ingredient in soup, and uncook, doesn't exist in Hong Kong crusine.

I have no doubt about the delightful taste from fruit, only slightly hesitate, if it tastes more like smoothie instead of soup. The recipe is from Descobrir Cuina (a local food magazine written in Catalan, the dialect in Barcelona), simply requires to puree the pulp of red plum with a little bit of country bread crumb, white onion and olive oil. Great S.O.U.P.! It is the impression came to my mind after the first taste. Originally it calls for melon balls and red pepper as well, but personally I want the flavor perking up without any noticable sweetness, so I replace with kiwi and rose petals.

The soup won't cure my home-sickness, but will make me love this foreign land deeper.

Recipe of plum soup - for one single serving

(the idea is from sopa de prunes, melo i pernil iberic, published in Descobrir CUINA, numero 85)

  • 2 ripped red plumps (each weight about 120 g)
  • about 2 tablespoons of white country bread crumb
  • about a finger-tip-size of white onion
  • 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • a very small pinch of sea salt
  • chunks (or by melon spoon) from 2 kiwi fruit
  • 1 organic rose petal, finely sliced

Puree the plumps, bread crumb, onion and olive oil. Taste and season. Pour the soup in serving glass, keep it chill at the lower shelf of refigerator.

Right before you serve, place the kiwi in soup, garnish with rose



Lore said...

Gattinaaaaaaaaa you're back! I really missed you!!! I know all about being homesick (I haven't been home for a year now :( ) but I try not to think about it. Your gorgeous plum soup will help me grately. Delicious and brilliant!

Burcu said...

welcome back, Gattina. I missed your posts.

Christy said...

I know how that feels...not so much for my own home, but the intense magnetism that Hong Kong itself presents. Its hustle and bustle is so different from where I am now (Melbourne, Australia). Melbourne is busy and intriguing in its own way, but the atmosphere is what I find to be the most different. I feel the same way about Taipei and Singapore too--there's just more to do at night;always something to see, something to eat, something to try. It's a wonderful feeling, but then again, Barcelona possesses an irresistible old world charm that draws you to it, I'm sure.

Your plum soup looks so refreshing!!

test it comm said...

Nice photos and presentation!

MPG said...

This looks mouth-watering & gorgeous...what lovely shots!!

Gattina Cheung said...

Lore, your sweet comment also brights up my day *kiss kiss*

burcu, thank you, love to see you around!

Christy,how true! And one thing I don't any people mention, people in Barcelona are so gracious, in fact it is the most to attract me :)

Thanks Kevin!

mango girl, thank you so much for the visit :D

avesta said...

I love serving soups in cocktail glasses. Your pictures are just divine. I need some lessons! great site!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I cam across your site because I was looking for recipes for Scallion Pancakes. I LOVE THIS SITE! The pictures are mouthwateringly beautiful and I'm anxious to try out your recipes! I'm so glad I came across your site. It put a big smile on my face and it made me hungry!