Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick-fixed tuna sandwich & sautee radish

Callipygia has a terrific post about radish in which included a recipe of sauteed radish in the French style. After the radish being cooked it gives out the most delicated bite and sweetness. Yes, she's right, don't throw away those leaves on top, they have some sort of cooked arugula's reminiscence! Callipygia suggests serving this with fish or lamb (actually more than these, but I won't tell you as I want you go there to see :)). Great, I have tuna ... from can... I guess it counts then. With croissants, looks french or not, this lunch is still absolutely terrific! Hey, all can be done in 5 minutes!

Ingredients (yield two sandwiches, or two servings)

For the sandwich:
  • 2 good quality croissants from stores
  • 160 g good quality canned tuna *
  • 2 Tbps finely diced pickles
  • 2 Tbps mayo
  • white/black pepper, ground

For saute radish (as side or into sandwich)

*please check out the recipe from Callipygia*

  • 6 radish, 2 of them halved, lengthwise with leaves intacted. The rest, thinly sliced (to put into the sandwich)
  • 1 Tbp butter
  • a few dashes of fruity wine
  • a pinch of light brown sugar
  • pepper (I used cracked green peppercorns and dried red berries)
  • tarragon ... (sadly I didn't have it)


  • Drain the tuna. Combine it with pickles, mayo. Pepper to taste. Slice the croissants. Set them aside.
  • Heat the pan with butter, saute the halved radish, over low to medium heat, for about 2 minutes or so. Add sliced radish and cook for another minute, add a few dashes of wine and sugar. When the liquid almost evaporated, taste and season, turn the heat off. Add tarragon if you like.
  • Place the sliced radish and tuna mixture inside the croissant. Served with more radish (halved). Enjoy!

My note:

  • I found the quality of canned tuna in my area so various, the ones imported from Italy are usually very decent (thanks Calli! Thanks Sher!). But if you live in Asia, as I recall, some of those from Thailand and Japan were really superb!



FH said...

Looks beautiful with red radish peeking out!:))
I love radish leaves ,make Kadhi with radish and leaves too.

Anh said...

The colour in your pics is glorious! Gimme almost anything with croissants , I'll be happy. :)

You are so right about canned tuna. I found the one imported from Italy is better, too.

Anonymous said...

I love your sandwich!


Gattina Cheung said...

I can't enter your blog for a looooooong time. A little pop-up said something about 'stack line 54 overflow'. Hope you see this message...

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

What a lovely, summery sandwich! Beautiful photo, too.

Anonymous said...

Oooh my goodness! Looks like it'd be a great lunch, especially being so quick and tasty!

Katie said...

I make a radish and tuna salad but never thought of sauteeing them - and I didn't know the greens were edible. Great post!
For spring breakfast, the French have bread, butter and radishes....so I've started smearing butter on my radishes. Bad, bad human!

Freya said...

I loved Calli's post and I love what you've done with it here too! It looks so beautiful!

Linda said...

beautiful. i wish my quick-fixes turned out this way!!

Lis said...

My favoritest sammich of all time is a tuna sandwich! So now I'm drooling all over my keyboard at work!

You made the prettiest tunafish sammiches I've ever seen. =)


Suganya said...

First time to ur blog....... WOoooooo all ur postings are great... really want to try each one of it...

Anonymous said...

I love the girly pinkiness of the radishes. Will try this recipe this week! I just spent 2 hours reading through all the recipes on your site - wonderful wonderful! I'm HK Chinese too. Just started blogging a couple of months ago but enjoy it very much.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

You really elevate the humble tuna sandwich, Gattina! My mom swears the only tuna worth eating is jarred Italian tuna in olive oil. I guess people really know the type of tuna they like in their sandwiches.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Gattina, I love croissants so much! These are wonderful sandwiches!

I'm off to buy some decent Italian tuna tomorrow, I have a recipe in mind - maybe I should buy an extra can and keep this recipe of yours in mind, too! :)

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, I remember your gorgeous radish dish, actually I bought an extra bunch in order to try it out!

Anh, thank you! My house has many windows that helps a lot in photo-taking. I love tuna, mainly as sashimi, but the best canned one I tasted was with chilly oil :D

Paz, I guess you haven't seen my note. please keep scrolling up...

Lydia, thank you! True, in summer, I usually stay away from oven :D

Ellie, yup, easy-breezy. Thanks sweetie!

Katie, what a lovely breakfast! Don't worry, that butter fat will all burn up before brunch :D My breakfast...err... all sugar content and caffeine.

Freya, thank you, yes, Call's post is very "delicious"!

Linda, of course you can darling, or better!

Lis, still not good enough, should have had your sinful banana mousse to round up!

sukanya, thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoy :D

steamy kitchen, thanks for your visit too! It will be great if you give me your blog address, I'd like to visit :D

Susan, can't agree any more with you and your mom! What's the point of tuna sandwich if it tastes like wet cardboard (from most local cans). Really thanks for your sweet words *hug*

Pat, you and me no doubt is a butter mania... we should raise a cow :D Most canned tuna their quality isn't impressive. So I am happy with the Italian imports.

Callipygia said...

Hey I'm late in commenting! These sandwiches are beautiful! And I think the radishes are perfect little jewels,

Bong Mom said...

This is a great looking sandwich Gattina. Like Anh, I love croissants too and thanks for the canned tuna info

Sher said...

Oh no!! One of my favorite things on earth is a good tuna sandwich--and that's a GREAT tuna sandwich. I'm so hungry for that sandwich you made. I love how pretty the radishes look in those pictures. You're a genius! :)

Gattina Cheung said...

Calli... no lemonade today, but with a scarf and umbrella... got your mail!!! Am going to send you e-mail later!
I treasure this recipe from you so much, for sure radish will be permentantly on my shopping list!

Sandeepa, try it, Italian imports more expensive... if from glass jar even higher, but they are way much better!

Sher, oh thanks for your sweet words! I used to be lukewarm about raw radish, but this one from Calli totally converted me!

Anonymous said...

Oh a croissant sandwich, how absolutely luscious! It looks so delicious!

Cynthia said...

It is always a pleasure to eat here :)