Saturday, February 17, 2007

Seafood Focaccia with Breadcrumbs

A lovely blogger has said that she almost forgot I'm a Chinese as I don't cook Chinese food very often. Well, my another half is an Italian descendant, although he eats whatever I made, I'm still inclined to stick with a few of his favorite dishes. Besides, living in this town where many Italian immigrants had settled, to get baccala is far more easy than bak-choy. By the way, in my home country I usually had 5 or 6 different bak-choy to choose from, but the one available at western supermarket here looks like an entirely new species from outer space to me, and it tastes awful! It's really no point to fixate on Chinese cooking, I simply flow along with whatever available.

An Italian bakery down a street from my house makes superb bread. I grate the left-over to get my own bread crumb. I even like separating the crust and crumb, sometimes use it soft, somethimes dry, to produce a variety of breadcrumbs with different colors and flavors.

The above focaccia is Sicilian style (sfincione). On a focaccia dough, spread with home-made tomato sauce (to be followed later), shredded onions, capers, cheese and anchovy fillets. Instead of anchovy, I tried on octopus this time. In the last 5 minutes of baking time, I prepared a cup of soft fresh bread crumbs, drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil, combined with canned octopus. Spread this mixture onto the focaccia and finish the final baking. Buon appetito!



FH said...

Excellent looking Focaccia!:))
I agree with you,I don't cook Indian more 3-4 days a week! Although we are from India,my kids are born in the west and they resist eating Indian food everyday.They say "can we have a break and eat Chicken noodles instead?":p Weekends are usually non-veg too since I cook vegetarian Indian food during the week!
What can you do but be a Roman while in Rome and that's not so bad!!!:))

Patricia Scarpin said...


You are something, my friend! Using octupus instead of anchovies is a bold move, but of course you pulled that off! :)

The focaccia looks delicious and I'm sure there wasn't any left... ;)

P.S.: You're right about my basil, it's pretty big, but not as big as your marjoram!

Callipygia said...

I agree with patricia completely- a bold choice my friend and it looks good too. Being Korean my siblings and I put kimchi on our tuna sandwiches and pizza- Delicious!

Anonymous said...

What fantastic looking focaccia! You never cease to amaze me with all of your fantastic dishes.

Anh said...

This looks so beautiful Gattina! Yummy all over... I love your cooking. I believe the Chinese heritage enables your imagination about food and understand how different ingredients and tastes can be combined & explored. :) Also agree with you on the use of available local ingredients. I am obsessed with fresh vegies and fruits and that makes me Vietnamese to the core.. hehehe :D :D :D

Bong Mom said...

Your town sounds so quaint and cute, doesn't even sound like jersey ;-)
Looks beautiful as always

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Focaccia is so wonderful and I love your toppings here!
Octupus would be such a delight!

Anonymous said...

Very nice... this is a very interesting variant. I like it!

Mishmash ! said...

Gattina, Chinese New Year greetings! Is Chinese New year and Lunar New year the same thing?
I love focaccia and your creation looks absoultely stunnig !!

Freya said...

Looks wonderful! I've never tried octopus!

Anonymous said...

Sounds and look divine, Gattina! Your other half is so lucky to have you!!! :)


Lis said...

Okay so I've missed some days drooling over my favorite blogs - including this one. Today I started to drool over the strawberry salad.. and then I saw the pepperoni & potato danish and I drooled some more.. now when I got to the crackers, I almost got a lil weepy because they were not right here in front of me - but then I see this focaccia and I am now all *swoony* - you've been cooking up a storm lately and doing a beautiful job at it!

sher said...

Ahh, that picture is so gorgeous, Gattina!!! I love focaccia and never thought to put octopus on it. But, looking at that picture, it's a fabulous idea. You are so creative!! Agree with you about bok choy. Our stores have several differnet varieties and they all taste different. It's very easy to grow, maybe you could find seeds of your favorite type and grow them?

Anonymous said...

Meraviglioso! Your focaccia looks wonderful. Would you mind sending some over this way? hee hee...

Sri said...

Focaccia looks delicious...nice pictures as ever....Happy belated new year Gattina.

Anonymous said...

I love to read your post...the focaccia looks wonderful

Linda said...

yum-my! this looks amazing. you are so creative!

Unknown said...

Another fantastic creation my friend. You never fail to producce such drool-a-licious dishes and pictures!

Ana said...

Wow, this foccacia looks awesome! I have never had fish foccacia, but I would like to try this one!
And how funny... I didn't know you were chinese!! If I had to guess I would have said you were Italian! hehe!!

Anonymous said...

Seafood foccacia? I've never even considered the possibility, but when looking at your delicious pictures it seems like the natural choice!

Anonymous said...

Seafood foccacia? I've never even considered the possibility, but when looking at your delicious pictures it seems like the natural choice!

Saffron said...'re better than italians at cooking!!
wonderful focaccia....I want it!

Gattina Cheung said...

Asha, you rock modern lady! It's great your kids able to expose two (or three? British?) food culture!

Patricia, my dear, my marjoram is qutie sad... a bit of fatigue too, just like the owner, me. The cold days last for too looooooooooong.
Thanks for your encouragement! *hug*

Callipygia, add some spices to life!!! I always admire you (now plus your siblings) being so open-minded to food!

Kristen, oh thanks! It's the result from someone who keeps thinking of seafood 24/7 :) :)

Anh, thanks my friend! I always think you're just fantastic, living aboard yet very knowledgeable to so many oriental ingredients!!

Sandeepa, I understand what you mean :D But this idenity starts to fade out by fusing with new immigrants from different countries.

Tanna, you know even I just watch a documentary about marine creature, my mouth will start watering *lol*

Sabrina, grazie! I'd love to try calamari next time :D

Snh, thank you so much for your New Year's greeting. Yes, Chinese New Year = Lunar New Year. I think the latter is mostly called by locals in Asia.

Freya, I love any seafood, oyster, clam, jellyfish... drool drool drool...

Mae, thank you my dear! But my husband isn't a big seafood fan, and anything with high cholesterol he wouldn't eat, octopus is one of those =(

Lis sweetie, glad you enjoy! Wish I had more time so I could try more recipes. But no, making pizza/bread 3 times a week is all I can take.

Sher, I love your idea, last time I even picked up some seeds. But not now, as I'm still living in rental. Maybe one day I move to my own place... Oh I remember how lovely your own bak-choy are!

Chris, thank you :D Ok, let me take out my order pad. hehee...

Sri, thanks for your new year greeting! No worry, our new year lasts for 15 days, still on time :D

Sushma, thank you sweetie!

Linda, thanks! I've seen many clam focaccia, so I think this one is nice too. Talking from a seafood nerd :D

Angie, thanks for your encougement. For this bread or pizza, I really don't want to snap, they got to be HOT to eat :D

Ana, thank you my dear! Oh yes now you reminding me, I used to have more detail in my profile, but it's missing after I redone my blog's design. Will put it up soon. Thanks again!

Ellie, oh you are back!!! Will "see" you at your blog :D

Simona, you are soooooooo sweet! Sweeter than my candy! *smooch smooch*

Julie said...

I make a carmelized onion and garlic focaccia quite often but this one looks so delicious I have to give it a try.
Thank you