Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mini flat bread with spicy chicken Indian style

No worry... I'm not that mad to change any authetic recipe. In fact, I closely followed the recipes as much as I could, and served it in a regular way (photos followed). While the adults were enjoying the food so much, the kids who haven't much exposed to Oriental food just stared at our big bread soaking in curry suspiciously. In order not to let them left out, I quickly whipped up this finger food... now everyone is happy!

This Indian flat bread's (naan) recipe is from Mahanandi , her naan I think is the best we get in western home-kitchen! The top crust is chewy, the bottom's crunchy (baked on terror cotta) while the interior is tender and porous. Mahanandi even shows us her bread with a "pocket" puffed up! She also tells us the choice of toppings for naan, and how to make yogurt (one ingredient for making naan) at home.

Chicken masala curry is one of my favorite dish. Saliu is so generous to share her wonderful recipe , it's incredibly delicious and everyone cried for more gravy! I didn't cook this dish very well (used wrong chilly, didn't ground the spicy fine enough). After Saliu patiently explained in detail, I have confidence in the next time, I'm able make it closer to her glorious chicken masala :)

To make the mini flat bread... take out a tiny dough (about a size of walnut) from the fully-risen dough, flour the table, press the dough in the center with my wet fingers. I prefer not to use rolling pin in order to save the air bubbles inside. If you don't have a baking stone/terra cotta, you can place the shaped dough on a dark-coated pan so that the bottom will turn dark-brown and crispy. Bake in a hot oven for a few minutes. After they're done and warm to touch, spoon some chicken curry, garnish with cashews and coriander leaves.


Unknown said...

Such lovely mini naan, not only the kids love it, me (adult) would also cry for more ;p

Anonymous said...

How perfect!
Your guests are the lucky ones to have a fabulous, creative host like you.
Chicken curry combination looks great!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures.
So glad your guests enjoyed the naan and chicken curry..:)

Anonymous said...

It all looks like heaven, and that's beautiful naan. I agree, your friends are so lucky to have you cooking them these dishes.

Anonymous said...

gattina, Grace here from KC! =)

I love ur blog, u never fail to produce very well taken pics too!

Oh I love naan! Yumyum!


Gattina Cheung said...

Angie, thanks!

Indira, thank you! I'm going to make your naan regularly, too good! Next is to think about where I can "hunt" that live-culture for yohurt.

Sailu, your chicken masala curry is surely on our dinning table very often! Thank you!

Sher, thank you!

Hi Grace, thanks for your visit :D

Anonymous said...

Small, mom and pop type, Indian restaurants often prepare their own yogurt to serve at restaurants. Also, Indian temples. Just buy a small cup of plain yogurt (No Raita), bring it room temperature and add a tablespoon to warm milk.

I am glad and happy that you approve of this naan recipe!

Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely stunning! Everything. I would love to try those ingenious mini naans!

Nabeela said...

Hi gattina...I tagged you for the 10 dishes I miss most of my mom's cooking meme...hope you play.

Mika said...

Cute and delicious looking. Your mini naans look almost too good to eat. That cashew is an exceptional touch. Btw, you have some amazing recipes that I want to try (that is besides all the wonderful food porn)

archana said...

Hi Gattina
Mini naan is a wonderful idea, tiny little dough boats for the curry !!!! A perfect tea party finger food. You made it really stunning with the casshewnut atop.

Gattina Cheung said...

Mae, this naan recipe is simple and easy, hope you'll enjoy!

Archanat and Mika, thank you for the compliments :D

Unknown said...

Gattina you are rocking with this truely creative mini Naan. Especially with chicken hmmmmmm my mouth is watering. Thanks for the upload of wonderful pictures too.
chk out for the recipe of regular naan: