Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Three Things MEME

Thanks Mandira tagging me for this Meme. I know you, you know me... would you like to play along too? Angie? Anh? Archana? Anyone?

Three things that make me laugh

  • Shopaholic & sister (book)
  • Hitch (movie)
  • A champagne night

Three things that make me cry

  • Cutting (lots of) shallot and/or onion
  • School exams (I graduated long time ago, but still dream about it!)
  • Saw my pets die

Three things that scare me

  • Shortbread/cookies made of hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • Gasoline price
  • Chicken (live)

Three things I love

  • The scent in the autumn air
  • Living in city
  • Vacation (Europe and Northern China)

Three things I'd like to learn

  • Singing
  • Playing musical instrument, any kind
  • Any foreign language

Three things on my desk

Three favorite foods

  • The meat close to bones
  • Any carb, e.g. bread, noodle, rice, potato...
  • Pineapple

Three beverages I drink regularly

  • Coffee
  • Carbonate water
  • Orange juice

Three TVs/books I watched/read as a kid

Mostly Chinese books, old poems and such.



Bong Mom said...

do you live close to the city ?
Right about the Gasoline Price :)

Anonymous said...

This was great.
I love the Shopaholic series. So funny!

Gattina Cheung said...

Not now, there's no city in NJ (you're in NJ as I recall... am I right?). But I grew up in city :D

Kristen, I think Sophia is great :)

Anonymous said...

hmm, I love the movie HITCH, Hated exams, love living in the city or the countryside and enjoying the different seasons especially autumn which happens to be my favourite,loves singing and used to sing in a choir and have picked up french kekekekeee. Kinda had similar preferences to your favourite foods and will drink carbonated water and coffee but not much orange juice.


Mandira said...

Gattina - I enjoyed reading your Meme. I like pineapple too... though it wasn't my favorite fruit growing up. Thanks for playing along.

archana said...

Ahaaaa, now we know you even better, i am a carbo-holic myself. I am getting ready to play this meme. Thank you Gattina

sher said...

"The meat close to the bone." Yes, you're so right. Loved reading all of those!

Gattina Cheung said...
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Gattina Cheung said...

Helena, next time we meet, we go to karaoke!

Mandira, I enjoyed it, thank you!

Archana, you're a sweetie! Worry you're too busy... please take your time!

Sher, my pleasure :D

Anonymous said...

It will be my pleasure to be able to go to karaoke with you! I love singing in karaoke kekkekeee